7 Fall Flower Landscaping Ideas for North Texas

violet dianthus flower

As the fall season dawns and the hot summer disappears with the evening sun, it is once more another great chance to enjoy the cooler temperatures. It’s also the perfect time to start landscaping.

Yes, there may not be a huge variety of flowers and plants to choose from compared to springtime. But there is still so much you can do to spruce up your landscape in North Texas.

Here are some of the best fall flowers to go for:

  • Petchoa
  • Primrose
  • Mum
  • Celosia
  • Petunia
  • Marigold
  • Dianthus

petchoa flowers hot pinkPetchoa

This flower variety is a relatively new entrant into the fall line-up but it’s an incredible choice. Petchoa is in fact a cross between Petunia and Calibrachoa, thus the name.

The plant produces large blooms with a frilly look. You also get a wide variety of colors including yellow, purple, burgundy, pink, and orange.

When fully grown, these beautiful plants can grow up to 2 feet in height.

primrose white and yellow flowerPrimrose

Primrose is not one of the tallest plants out there and can only hit a maximum height of 6 to 8 inches.

Despite this, it produces some striking blooms with vibrant colors. Primrose is often ideal when used as part of a potted arrangement.

yellow chrysanthemum flowerMum

Mum is by far one of the most popular flowers for fall and it’s the number one choice based on its resilience.

The flower can be planted directly in the garden, on plant pots, and even flower beds if needed. A full-grown mum can grow to up to 12-14 inches.

They also produce a nice green shrub that complements the colorful aura of the flowers.

celosia flower pinkCelosia

If you are looking for some of the most vibrant blooms out there, then you will enjoy celosia.

The flowers can be planted earlier in the year in time to blossom during spring.

But they are also ideal for fall. They come with dense foliage at the bottom and a big flower at the top. The color of the flower will typically be red, yellow, or purple.

If you’re looking to add some green in with your flowers, check out Landscaping Plants for The Backyard.

petunia flowers in gardenPetunia

Petunia is a great alternative to petchoa. These plants are known for their bright flouncy blooms that come in a huge variety of colors.

While you can grow this on plant pots and flower beds, they are best suited for the garden, especially if they are surrounded by green foliage.

orange marigold flowersMarigold

Marigold is part of the sunflower family and in addition to its breath-taking beauty, the flowers are known for their skin healing too.

They also require very little work. In fact, they can easily be planted during the fall and will bloom for the rest of the year.

Our friends at JC’s Landscaping have more ideas about What to Plant in Fall.

violet dianthus flowerDianthus

Dianthus offers beautiful and delicate pink flowers that are often used in outdoor pots and gardens.

The plants will normally bloom until the first freeze of the winter season.

The good news is that even as the cold season sets in, dianthus will still survive and will once again bloom in the spring. So, if you are looking for a plant that will be resilient all year, this is it.

Final Thoughts

There are many reasons to get on board with fall planting.

The soil is warm while the air is cool, which results in happy and healthy plants.  It often rains in fall and this means the soil will absorb more nutrients.

Not to mention, the fall temperatures are quite enjoyable for the gardener as well.  Happy Planting and as they say in Texas, Happy Fall Y’all.



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