Best Palm Trees Around Pools

palm trees for pools

Best Palm Trees For PoolsSitting by the pool, drinking a cold beverage and lounging under a shady palm tree.

Palm trees are tricky plant by some pools, specifically if you live in a region where extreme winters are possible.

Planting in Non Tropical Areas

If you live in the Southern US in areas like the gulf coast and southwest regions you can maintain just about any type of palm trees year round, but in areas that could have hard freezes, then you have to limit your palm tree choices to cold hardy palm trees.

Palm trees are great for pool side landscaping because the frond or palms usually don’t create a big mess that would clog pool filters, yet some palm tree fronds are very large and would not want to have them fall to ground from 20 feet or more.

All things considered a few recommendations for Best Palm Trees Around Pools.

  • Windmill Palms – A cold hardy palm tree that has beautiful fan-like fronds. It is one of the most cold hardy palms, with foliage that grows atop the trunk and can get to 6-10 feet wide.
  • Pindo Palms – The Pindo palm is also known as the Jelly palm. It is one of the hardiest of the feather leaf varieties for cold climates.
  • European Fan Palms – The European Fan Palm is one of the most versatile of the palm species. It is a drought resistant and rugged, as well as cold hardy down to 20 degrees.
  • California Fan Palms – is a hardy, dramatic palm with attractive grayish-green fronds. The tree reaches heights of up to 100 feet in tropical climates.Most palms top out at about 50 to 75 in the home landscape. California fan palm is suitable for growing in plant hardiness zones 8 through 11
  • Texas Palms – is a native of the lower Rio Grande valley. It is a stocky palm that grows to a height of twenty to forty-eight feet and has large blue-green, fan-shaped leaves that form a thick, rounded crown.
  • Silver Saw Palm – The Silver Saw Palmetto is slow growing, heat tolerant, cold hardy palm.  Slow growing and easy to grow in containers. The silvery leaves of this dwarf Silver Saw palm make it an excellent choice to accent your landscape. Grows in zones: 6 – 10

Try to avoid planting Royal palm trees poolside.  The roots have been know to be very aggressive and damaging pipes and clogging plumbing. Additionally the large fronds can be heavy and fall from time to time.

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Growing Palm Trees

All palms want a well-drained site. Clay soils should be amended with sandy soils for drainage. If you live in warmer climates along the Southern US and West Coast, Most palm trees will thrive, but for the Midwest and east coast regions that see hard freezes, you will want to exclusively find and grow cold hardy palms.

Palms, like almost any tree, are most vulnerable in their first three years. Your best chance to help a young palm live through these initial winters is to protect it from the elements.

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