Fall Backyard Party Ideas

Backyard Party

Backyard PartyWho doesn’t loves festive outdoor parties during the fall season? Before planning a holiday party to celebrate the wonderful mild weather, check out some of our favorite themed backyard party ideas.

Bonfire Party

Bonfires are a staple for the fall season in many regions. Bonfire parties allow you to take advantage of the shorter days and chilly evening air. Grab some hotdogs or some s’more fixins, and be sure to practice fire safety!

Backyard Camp-out

This one is excellent for families and younger kids. A tent, some cozy sleeping bags, few flashlights, and a picnic baskets full of snacks are all you need for a backyard camp-out. Even if you’re in the middle of the city, that evening chorus of crickets and cicadas can create that feeling of escaping into nature.

Octoberfest Party

Prepare the beer and pretzels! Invite your friends over your house instead of battling against the crowd. You can even organize a beer tasting party, and grill some bratwurst on the pit to take it up a notch.

Halloween-Themed Dinner Party

With some culinary creativity, there are several decorative dishes you can cook up and serve on the back patio. Bust out the crafts for a gourd decorating contest (because pumpkins aren’t the only game in town when it comes to beautiful fall veggies to deck out!) Add some store-bought decor and a bowl of punch, and this event can be a great time for all ages.

Food Truck

Did you know you can rent a food truck in some cities? If you’ve got a welcoming outdoor living space, but don’t wanna bother cooking, rent a food truck to pull into the driveway for a few hours. No need to bustle in and out of the kitchen all evening, just enjoy your guests and leave the cooking to someone else!

Backyard Movie Night Party

Speaking of things you didn’t know you could rent, how about a movie projector? Many libraries will allow you to rent one, complete with the equipment necessary to connect to your laptop for a “drive-in movie” experience, only in your own backyard. All you need for a screen is a sheet! Stock up on all the classic theater snacks and invite the neighbors over.

Pumpkin Party

Why not impress your guests with a delicate pumpkin dump cake and some rich pumpkin soup? Don’t forget the delightful pumpkin martinis! If you’ve got a grill or a fire pit, you can roast up the pumpkin seeds you “harvested” from the other dishes.

Caramel Apple Party

This is a great fall party idea for kiddos, fairly similar to an ice cream social. Invite some friends and their children over to make and decorate their own caramel apples. All kinds of fun toppings can be found in the baking section of your grocery store. Since this is a sugary process, you may want to grab some bug repellent as well.

Wine Tasting Party

Simple to host, and a beautiful way to enjoy the cooler season! Small disposable wine cups are easy to find at the hobby store, and researching inexpensive wines of all sorts can be a google adventure of its own. Be sure to stock up on non-alcoholic beverages as well, to keep everyone hydrated.

Soup & Stew Party

Chili, beef stew, butternut squash soup, homemade chicken noodle- whatever you and your friends claim to be the best at, bring them on! Grab a stack of small bowls for everyone to get a taste of everything. Just pull out an extension cord with some surge protectors, and pile up the back deck with aromatic crock pots of cozy home cooking.

Final Thoughts

From the pleasant-tasting eats to the festive decor and fun activities – celebrate the exceptional beauty of autumn by inviting your family and friends to these backyard fall-themed parties!

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