South Texas Landscaping Plants

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According to the National Arboretum United States, the South Texas area covers several US Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones – 8 to 11. This means that South Texas gardeners work with warm climates. They also have a wide variety of landscaping plants from which to choose. Equally important, if you are planning a landscaping project there, look for native and water-saving plants.


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Landscaping with Flowers

Gardeners often want to add a touch of color to their landscapes. This can be easily achieved with flowers as they are the best landscaping plants. There are many types of roses to choose from. If you like climbing roses, pick Brunner Cecile, mermaid, auricular climbing or Fortuniana. If you are looking for a rose plant that will not succumb to the heat of the scorching sun, knockout plant or old blush. Some common floral perennials that grow well in the South Texas climate include copper daisy canyon, bearded iris, and pink rain lily.

Vines and Ground Cover

Landscape, Landscaping, Landscaping plants, Landscaping Ideas, Frontyard Landscaping, Vines
Passion Vine

South Texas gardeners have plenty of ground cover as landscaping plants in their plantation arsenals. These ground cover plants can act as both ornamental and practical features. For example, several types of herbs grow well in this climate. Some of these include rosemary, jasmine, oregano, and verbena. Other commonly grown crushed covers include honeysuckle, grass monkey and Santolina. If you prefer the vine, choose black Spanish or champanel grapes, trumpet vines, passion flowers or butterfly vine. Homeowners who want to plant low maintenance ivy vines may choose ivy, Boston ivy, and Algerian ivy.


Landscape, Landscaping, Landscaping plants, Landscaping Ideas, Frontyard Landscaping, Shrubs
Shrubs for Landscaping

Many homes and businesses in southern Texas complement the overall landscaping and shrub paths. Some common dwarf shrubs in this part of the Lone Star State include Chinese Holly, Abelia, Pygmy Barley, and Pomegranate. The small shrubs include sago, flowering quince, brilliant abelia, and Japanese boxwoods and acubas. For larger shrubs, choose ligustrum, oleander, myrtle crepe, and Japanese yew.


Obviously, Landscapers have some tree types to choose from when planning a South Texas project. Many people use trees to help protect yards and buildings from the hot summer sun. If you prefer small ornamental trees, Texas Mt. Laurel plants, Mediterranean palm fan, windmill palms, loquat or Texas redbud. Other small species include Mexican plum, Mexican redbud, and Mexican buckeye. Choose from medium trees, such as Pear Bradford, Osage orange, Elm cedar, and Anaqua. Choices of Tall trees include several oaks, such as bur oak, Mexican white oak, Shumard oak, lacey oak, green oak, and chinkapin oak.


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