Landscaping Plants for The Backyard

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When landscaping your garden, your options are almost limitless. You can devote part of the yard to a production patch of edibles, look at the native species for little maintenance more and more, or select various plants according to size, shape, and color, building interest visual through the courtyard. Whether you are looking to plant something unusual in a grassy yard corner or want to replace the appearance of your lawn with dozens of unique specimens, there are many types of plants to consider for landscaping court.

Walls and Borders

Landscape, Landscaping, Landscaping plants, Landscaping Ideas, Frontyard Landscaping, Backyard Landscaping, Walls And Borders
Walls And Borders

If your landscaping plans require a partition wall to create privacy in the backyard, think creatively about how you can use the plants to define the space and create the height. For a traditional approach, select shrubs that grow as well as hedges, such as barberry, boxwood, hawthorn or orange osage. If you want a more innovative approach, create a “living wall” by planting very spread plants along the top of a wall. Use marine plywood and corrugated plastics to create a frame along one side of the fence, along which you can plant tillandsias and bromeliads such as Neoreglia.

Pool Plantations

Landscape, Landscaping, Landscaping plants, Landscaping Ideas, Frontyard Landscaping, Backyard Landscaping, Pool Plantation
Pool Plantation

Add drama and variety to your landscape by selecting aquatic plants to go to a small backyard pond. Find a balance between emerging, submergent and floating species. Emergents send their long stems out of the water, including cattails, arrowheads and water lilies. Submerged plants, like elodea, will help you keep the pond water clear. Finally, floating plants add interest to the surface of your pool. Combine various textures, such as the delicate water lens and water lettuce or water hyacinth.

Sample Trees

Add the height, color and maybe even fruit with some specimens of well-placed trees. A sample tree is of any species that is planted especially for its appearance, usually spaced apart from other plantings as an autonomous accent. Depending on the size of your garden, you can plant a small Japanese maple, with vibrant red fall colors, or a mimosa, which offers vibrant blooms in summer. A blooming crabapple provides attractive fruit as well as pink flowers in the spring.

Edible Landscaping Plants

You must not restrict edible crops to a strictly agricultural garden patch. Incorporate productive plants in various aspects of your landscape design. Strawberries add a splash of color and attractive glossy leaves, whether hung or planted in small beds. Use a variety of herbs as small boundaries. The varied foliage will trigger the colors of the flower beds and add interesting texture.


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