10 Best Outdoor Games

red-roverOutdoor Games offer an escape from the trapped lifestyle that can be felt from staying indoors too long. Instead of being stuck inside at home or at work all day, you spend time with siblings, best friends, and neighbors. These 10 best outdoor games will let your kids spend time social networking the old fashion way. By actually going outside and having fun.

The Ten Best!

  1. Four Square: Four Square, you might have played Four Square, the old-school recess classic,
  2. Tag: A quick game of Tag is always fun, unless you are the slow kid!
  3. Monkey in the middle, or also know as “Keep Away”. Its a simple goal, basically two people have to pass a ball over or around a person in the middle for as long as possible.
  4. Red Rover: You secretly hoped to be called over in Red Rover, giving you an excuse to run directly into your crush’s arms.
  5. Hide and seek: The best of the outdoor games in my opinion. Quick thinking and relentless pursuit of the kids hiding. Always seemed to be one kid who did not have ability to hide what so ever.
  6. hopscotchHopscotch: Growing I will admit that I thought hopscotch was just for girls. I tried it and my sisters were much better than I was.
  7. Jump rope with friends at recess was always so much fun.
  8. Red Light, Green Light: One of my favorite games growing up because I got to kick out the kids whom did not stop in time!
  9. Simon Says is the most fun with larger groups.  You can see how easy it is to not listen to Simon!
  10. Marco Polo is a fun game in the swimming pool. It can fun in the backyard, but swimming and Marco Polo is like Peanut Butter and Jelly.

There are hundreds of games and activities kids can play and do in the back yard. It just takes a little imagination or good search on Google or Pinterest!

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