Cool Garden Landscape Ideas


Find The Muse to Create Your Landscape

Cool garden landscape ideas can be found throughout the internet. Online groups provides incredible landscaping ideas that will transform your outdoor space. Ideas that will inspire you with your landscape with a comfortable and practical balance. Whether you have a small yard, or an area that stretches as far back as the eye can see, these visual ideas will inspire you to create a backyard that will fit your lifestyle.

Garden Beds


Elevated garden beds is a popular method of growing vegetables and herbs, however it can be a costly project to tackle. There are ways to build a raised bed garden without breaking the bank. Click here to learn more about creating a spiral, elevated herb garden.


potsLarge Pots or Containers

It’s fun to plan the layout and keep certain plants contained. I find it’s easy and fun to plan what I’m going to grow and where. Also, plants that may spread too quickly (such as mint!), can be more easily contained.

Borders and Edges

linesIt’s easier to control the soil. You can start with fresh soil or soil mix of your choice! Separating your sod from the garden bed soil, thus you also keep the soil from getting stepped on and compacted. In addition to keeping invading weeds out and make it easier to tend your plants.


Tree Stumps and Logs

When you have a large tree that was removed or large tree stump in the middle of your landscape, hence why not use the stump or log to provide more garden space?  You can hollow out trees and stumps to create unique flower beds or center pieces for you landscape. Now that is a cool garden landscape idea.


For bigger projects that require large stones or big water feature that have large areas to cover, thus you should consider contacting a local landscaping professional for assistance.

Drainage Options For Your Landscape.


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