How Often To Brush Your Pool

Maintaining and cleaning your pool is not an easy job, and includes cleaning the debris, pool tiles, emptying the baskets, and brushing the pool thoroughly.

Although most of modern pools today are equipped with an automatic cleaning system, it is still necessary to perform a thorough brushing. This is because some of the automatic cleaners cannot scrub the benches, steps, floors, and walls or even remove algae spores and small debris.

Why It Is Necessary To Brush Your Swimming Pool

Some might find brushing their pool a daunting or unnecessary task, but it is essential to do it regularly.

By brushing your pool, it helps to reduce the appearance of stains while enhancing the cleanliness. Just imagine the amount of stain, slime, and algae forming in different parts of your pool. It does not create a welcoming setting.

Performing a regular brushing of your pool doesn’t just make it appealing to swimmers, but also ensures a healthy pool

Proper Ways to Brush Your Pool

Its easy to maintain the cleanliness of your pool and do the brushing on your own. With the proper tools and skills, you will successfully remove all the dirt, slime, or algae.

When brushing your pool, a good option is a pool brush made of nylon. If you do not have this kind of brush, you can opt for a combination of nylon and stainless steel. Make sure the brush bristles are in good shape and never leave it out in the sun.

To start brushing, attach the pool brush into the telepole. Then, run it across the surfaces of the pool, including walls, benches, and steps. Brushing with force is not needed, even a simple scrub along the different surfaces is enough.

How Often You Should Brush Your Pool

A minimum of once every week or a maximum of twice a week is ideal to ensure the cleanliness of your pool, it is not necessary to brush every day. It only requires about ten minutes, unless you are skimming the pool twice per week, add extra minutes in brushing your pool.

Some pool areas do not require brushing. Although most of the surfaces need to be brushed each week, the floor of the pool is excluded. A good auto pool cleaning system with a tail will do the scrubbing for you. If you notice the automatic cleaner fails to clean the bottom of the pool effectively, add brushing the pool floor into your routine.

With little effort and time, its easy to keep your pool clean and beautiful. Always consider a regular, thorough brushing.

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