How To Perform Above Ground Pool Repair

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No matter how skillful the installers or the quality of materials of your pool, eventually you’ll encounter the need for pool repairs. However, with proper maintenance, you can expect your pool to last up to 30 years.

When you notice rust on the top rails, bottom track pieces, or uprights of your pool, it is time to consider an above ground pool repair. This kind of repair can help you make the pool look nice again and entice people to swim.

Here you will learn the valuable ideas of when and how to perform pool repairs. The first step is to determine whether your pool needs a repair.

How to Know If Your Pool Needs Repair:


Be observant when it comes to rust. In the case that the rust is just on the surface, this issue is nothing to worry about.  Resolve it by using sandpaper. By sanding the affected areas, you can turn them into a smooth surface.


If you noticed that your pool has more than just a simple surface rust, you need a more intense solution. Be aware that when rust goes deeper, you need to worry about the strength of the pool walls.

Remember, the walls of your pool are responsible for holding gallons of water. When they become weak, they might collapse from lack of strength. To determine how deep the rust is, use a screwdriver to poke and scrape at it. If the screwdriver can still remove the rust, it means that the pool walls are still strong.


It is important to consider the location once you discover holes caused by rust. If the hole is far from the wall, use a small cut of metal steel to cover it. If the rusted hole close to the pool wall, a simple patch job is not enough.

How to Perform Above Ground Pool Repair

Serious repairs will be required when there is  much rust at the bottom of the pool wall, deep rusted holes, or you begin to doubt the strength of your walls.

Tape with Metal Sheets

This repair method is ideal if you purchased the replacement liner and your budget is not enough to construct a new pool.

Get New Pool Wall

If using metal sheets is not applicable, the next solution you can consider is building a new pool wall. Make sure that the wall model will suit your pool.pool and landscaping favicon

Repair the Pool Wall

Here, you need to remove the deep rust. Make sure to remove all the rust that the wall is holding.

Rust around your pool can be distressing. But, if you know how to repair it and perform regular maintenance, your pool will look new for years.

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