Easy Landscaping Ideas for Front of House

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The landscaping facade is the first space seen when entering a house; it must leave a warm and welcoming impression. To beautify the front of a house and bring an aesthetic touch, we will combine plantations, landscaping masonries such as flower beds, low walls or stairs, and lighting. One of the objectives of the development landscaped front structure is the front of your house while preserving ease of movement.

1. Fundamentals of landscaping on the front of a house

Start by identifying the features and constraints of your home and outdoor space.

  • What is the architectural style and volume of your building?
  • What color (s) is your facade?
  • How many openings are there on the fa├žade?
  • What is the exposure of the area to be developed?
  • What is the quality and texture of the soil?

So many parameters to take into account to choose plants adapted to their environment. Once you have answered these questions, you can focus on landscaping and create an attractive front space.

2. Choosing a decorative facade layout

Balance, homogeneity, and consistency are the keywords to achieve successful landscaping in front of your home: it must be both aesthetic and functional. For that, two keys of entry can help you in your project:

  • Avoid multiplying the types of mood and choose a unique style that you will decline: Zen, contemporary, exotic, classic, etc. The choice of complementary facilities will also be maintained.
  • Start with an architectural element of the facade of your house (porch, bow window, canopy…), its style or its color to guide you in the type of landscaping to create. For example, you will select plants in color contrast with your facade or conversely in harmony or shades; a bow window will guide you to English-style landscaping or a rock garden; a contemporary facade will call more a lawn mix, linear paving or concrete.

3. Create a visual balance in the external input

For a harmonious exterior design, bet on symmetry. It avoids the aesthetic faux pas and also pleasantly structures the entrance of a house. The repetition of shapes and geometric structures creates an elegant and modern visual balance. It also avoids disorder! Some landscapers even design in front of house two gardens perfectly identical on both sides of the front door. Some examples :

  • The green boxes columns on each side of the front door.
  • Evergreen shrubs at the ends of the facade.
  • Shrubs or XXL fixtures per pair.

4. Work the perspectives in front of and on the facade

If you have enough space in front of your house, do not hesitate to work the angles of the aisles and traffic arteries. This work emphasizes the function of the different areas and makes it possible to secure them thanks to appropriate lighting:

  • Highlight a paved alley or gravel by solar recessed spots.
  • Add depth and height to a canopy or awning with overhead lighting.
  • Provide integrated lighting in the floor, ceiling or walls to emphasize the architecture of the facade.
  • Create a landscaped path (pavers, stones, flagstones) that guides the footsteps of your visitors to the entrance.

5. In front of the house, choose adapted plants

Nothing like multicolored flowers and shrubs to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere at the opening of the house. It is therefore recommended to use 2 or 3 colors maximum, same for the texture to give.

  • Opt for plants and shrubs that are not very demanding on water: broom, sedum or lavender, for example.
  • Combine one or two plants that will echo the outer materials and play the repetition card: the outdoor palms work wonders with the red brick.
  • To maintain a beautiful winter and summer shine in front of your home, choose plants that stay beautiful all year round: for example, evergreen perennials or other species depending on their flowering season. However, You can count on Salvia grahamii (Graham Sage) or Perovskia (Russian Sage) for fast growth and a long flowering period.
  • Partly conceal an unattractive house facade by a flourishing garden.

6. Bet on verticality on the front

Ivy, climbing hydrangea, bougainvillea, bignone or Virginia creeper … there’s nothing like climbing plants to add cachet or a floral touch to the facade of your house.

Fragrance enthusiasts will turn to fragrant climbers such as jasmine, wisteria or climbing roses. The others, in search of bright colors, will opt for the bignone, the golden hops, the bougainvillea or passionflower. Be careful; they need heat and sun. Therefore, privilege them only if your front space receives the sun.

Is your facade shabby? Dress her with Virginia creeper or ivy. You can also favor high vegetation and shrub. Be careful though; if they help to gain privacy, they can also prevent light from entering your home.

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