Landscaping with a Swimming Pool

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When you have a pool in your garden, there are many more small and big details that you need to worry about. For example, keeping the pool clean, well maintained and safe. With so much detail to attend to, you may still be missing one thing. You might not think of how the pool itself and the area around the pool will look. When you incorporate the right landscaping techniques, you can create a beautiful space around your pool. This makes the pool more inviting for guests, and your property looks better overall.

1. Surround Your Pool with a Patio or Terrace

For an above ground pool, a deck tends to work better. This is because you can go straight from the deck into the water without having to climb the stairs to the pool, while a patio can be installed around the deck an inground pool.

2. Add The Appropriate Vegetation to The Area Around Your Pool

Plants, shrubs and spreading trees, such as flowering trees, are not smart to use in landscaping around your pool. The reason for this is that they drop objects into the pool which has to be clean. Consult a service agent at your local nursery to learn more about the plants, shrubs, and trees in your area that do not release and remain in bloom throughout the spring and summer seasons. The right vegetation not only adds a unique decor, but it can add a sense of intimacy to your yard. It can even protect the grass from getting damaged by too much water.

3. Install a Fence Around The Deck or Patio of your Pool

This feature of landscaping is not only attractive, but it also serves as an essential safety feature. Check with your local government officials to learn about the regulations that you need to follow. For example, what type of door lock to install or height restrictions on your fence.

4. Keep your taste in mind while Landscaping Around Your Pool

If you prefer a simple landscape, couple the minimal vegetation with a standard fence. However, if you are adventurous, consider creating a tropical theme. For example, use palm trees, hibiscus flowers, and an elaborate stone fence. When choosing any theme, try to match the environment in which you live. It will be much easier to maintain a tropical theme in a tropical area or a southwestern theme in a dry place.

5. Use the Landscape that is already there

If your garden has a great view like a lot of plants or a lot of rocks, try to incorporate these aspects into your decor instead of creating an atmosphere that does not fit the rest of your neighborhood.

6. Use your Landscape Design to make things easier for you in the future

Some plants may look lovely by the pool, but if they attract bees and other insects, their appearance will not be worth the trouble. The choice of plants that can not only adapt to your time but the chemicals of the pool water splashed and will save you time and money.


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