Rock Waterfall for Swimming Pools

Beautifully landscaped backyard pool with a waterfall, Waterfall, Rock Waterfall

The cascades are aesthetically pleasing, but they must be compatible with the setting. The best waterfall does not limit the visual imagination. If properly designed, even the sound of falling water is pleasant to the observer’s ear. Above all, the best waterfall is built to last.

Choose Waterfall and Pump Size

Consider the height and width of the waterfall and the purpose it will serve. For example, if you want swimmers to be able to play under it, the waterfall must be high enough for that purpose. If you want a waterfall only for its aesthetic value, choose a height that pleases your eye. Once you have decided the fall measurements, you can calculate the pump the size you need. For example, according to Pond Solutions Garden, if the vertical height of the fall is 3 feet and the overflow lip is 9 inches, you need a pump that can pump 1,200 liters per hour. Consult a weir board that sells the pumps. The chart lists pump sizes according to the height and width of the waterfall.

The naturalness of Rock

Your waterfall should match the setting and design of your pool. For example, if you want a rock waterfall, your pool design and landscaping should also emphasize a natural look. However, not all rocks are the same. For a replica of the scene you want to project, the rocks you choose should be typical of rocks found in the geographical area your view suggests.

The Sound of Falling Water

Include an echo chamber in your design for the waterfall. This space behind the fall adds a sound dimension. Amplification of the sound follows accordingly with the size and shape of the room. The larger the fall, the higher the noise, although the sound also depends on the amount of water and the depth in which it falls. Water that falls on a solid surface like a flat rock sounds different than water that falls directly into a pool or pond. According to New World Landscape, unless the design of the pool is for this, high falls should fall into a separate pool.

True or False Rock

The rocks of the waterfall should be natural or a natural look. False rocks can look very natural, and they are cheaper and lighter than the real thing. However, depending on their construction and the material for their creation, they can show wear over time. Most fake rocks are made of sand, cement and water mixture sometimes containing vermiculite, crushed volcanic rock or peat. This rock frame mixes layers, which is usually steel rebar, although this may rust. The false rocks are hollow and may eventually crack or crumble, especially those made only of sand and cement. According to Global DIY, it is essential that sand and cement be well mixed.


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