Poolside Patio Landscaping Ideas

Swimming pool in suburban home with golf course view. poolside patio

Having a backyard pool is a grace that saves hot summer days. After a dip in the pool, you want a cool and comfortable place to relax. Create a poolside patio that is comfortable, but is also well integrated into the outdoor landscape of your home. A nice, cozy patio will be a place where you can have solitude or where you can reunite with friends and family.

Garden Oasis

It’s nice to lie in the sun, but a poolside patio also needs some shade so you can take shelter when you need it. Instead of an awkward umbrella, install a small pergola with lattice sides, a climbing plant, such as English ivy, bitter American, clematis or silverlace vine at the base of the pergola and train it to grow both sides and over green roof beams. Place a wooden bench or wooden garden chairs under the pergola roof. Once you cover the pergola in flora, you will have an oasis by the pool.

Sweet smells

Imagine sitting by the pool and a gentle breeze comes, bringing with it the sweet scents of fragrant flowers. Line the outer border of your poolside patio with flower boxes full of fragrant flowers. Bordering the outer edge of the terrace is like putting a frame around a painting. Use flower boxes of varying heights and levels. The multiple levels will add visual interest. Especially fragrant types of flowers include hyssops, moonflowers, lavender, lemongrass, and peonies.

Include the Shade

The relief of the sun’s heat in the form of trees, shrubs or artificial structures is a must when it comes to pool gardens. In addition to offering a way to escape from the heat, they often create a focal point for space. The characteristic of a tree you want to avoid is an impressive plant that loses a lot. Less prone to breakage will make pool maintenance more manageable.

If the tree falls, position it, so the branches do not grow to hang over the edge of the pool. In warmer climates, a good selection is a palm tree, which loses little and has a small clod. Although the pool landscape should include some shade near the pool deck or at one end of the water, trees should possess less extensive root systems to prevent eradication.

Add Height

Since the pools, even if slightly raised, are so strongly horizontal, it is useful to add a large bed next to the pool. It is not necessary that the seed beds are against the pool, as the flowers and foliage can contribute to maintaining the pool. A well-made pool landscape will have all sorts of floral interest, drama, and height.

Raised beds are not the only addition that can add vertical height to the view of a swimming pool; Containers filled with dwarf trees or shrubs can also provide height. Stack the containers in decreasing height and fill with cascading plants. Try a dwarf variety of burning bush, a deciduous shrub with leaves that turn red in the fall.

Offer Privacy

Surrounding your pool or spa with a sense of privacy is essential. Since¬†your pool is meant to be an oasis, it’s not always easy to feel relaxed if you are exposed. Tall Trees, shrubs, and fences are all options. The pool landscape should also include structures such as pergolas and trellises.

Place the containers planted with the screws at the base of a pergola. A good choice of plants is a wisteria, a fragrant deciduous vine that blooms in white, blue, purple, lavender or pink. The vines will soften the harsh landscape and direct the eye upwards.

The furniture can also be a nice complement to the gardens of your pool. The large outdoor umbrellas serve as a double function to protect you from the sight and the sun’s rays. Include outdoor rugs in the furniture arrangement to outline the spaces in the home (and even cover part of the pool pad).


If you have a concrete or stone poolside patio, build a round firepit, using blocks and mortar. If you have a wooden poolside patio, install a raised metal fireplace.  Check this guide on choosing a firepit. Size suitable for a home is 3 to 4 feet in diameter, and 1 foot in height.you can use the fireplace for lighting and heat, or you can use it for cooking. Roast hot dogs or place a grill rack on top for a barbecue.


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