Landscaping A Country House With Swimming Pool

Natural Landscaping in Home Garden, Country House

Enjoying a country house with a pool on these hot summer days is, in itself, a real privilege. The pool will undoubtedly be the place most used by the inhabitants of the house. Most used probably by family and friends if you are lucky to be enjoying a holiday in the country home. If not, a swim in the pool after a stifling day’s work will be the most desired moment.

Being able to enjoy a bath to refresh ourselves and ease the rigors of summer is the primary aim we seek when we build or install a swimming pool in a country house. So, if you are thinking about the construction of a pool for a country house, we show you some ideas that can help when deciding which type of pool to choose.

A good pool is much more than a pond of water and, thus, we must take care of the design. It shouldn’t be only of the pool itself but also of its surroundings. Some tips on accessories and decorative details of the pool can inspire us to turn it to a pleasant area for bathing and summer enjoyment.

Different types of pools for a country house

It is essential to choose the kind of pool best suited to the environment and the conditions of the country house. Also best suited to the personal tastes, the budget, and the use that we plan to give.

The best option is a portable pool on the surface. That’s if we do not have enough space or budget for a permanent pool. It is also good if prefer a seasonal installation that we can use in summer and disassemble in winter.

Nowadays these types of pools have evolved a lot. They are marketed in different materials, sizes and shapes. This is done so that they can adapt to each particular case. Its installation is straightforward, and the prices are quite affordable.

If, on the contrary, what we are looking for is a pool for ‘always’ and we have enough space for it, the best thing is to bet on a construction pool, with a buried glass. In this case, as the pool is made to measure, we will have the possibility to intervene in every detail of its design.

Enjoy the pool at any time of the day

When designing a pool for a country house, we have to think about its use beyond the central hours of the day. If we can take advantage of having a pool ‘within reach,’ without schedules or any barrier that prevents us from using it whenever we feel like it, why not enjoy it 24 hours a day?

The surroundings of the pool can be an unbeatable space to spend pleasant evenings at night. Re-interpreting the country concept of going out to ‘take the cool’ on summer nights, changing the street by the pool, or taking advantage of the night to give us a last and pleasant dip is a luxury.

This luxury is what we can give each other on a daily basis. To do this, we must think about the lighting of the pool. Lighting should be both in the water area incorporating submersible spotlights and in the environment of the pool itself.

Choose the place for the pool

One of the first questions that we must consider when building a pool in a country house is the situation of it. We will have to think well about the space of the available land that we are going to use for the pool above all. The available space is the optimal site for its construction. For this, it is convenient to do a study of shadows of the terrain.

Also, it is important to think about the hours of sun and shade. Choosing the place for the pool according to how who and when they will use the pool.

Vegetable elements next to the pool

It may also happen that we cannot choose the orientation of the pool or that it is already built. In this case, we can control the sun’s exposure by placing trees and other plant elements. These elements will cast shade over the pool area. They also make the environment more fresh, intimate and pleasant.

For the ‘pool beach,’ especially if it is very exposed to the sun, it is always a good idea to place a wooden platform (tropical wood has perfect behavior against moisture). This is because it does not overheat as much as other surfaces and is very pleasant to the touch.

Think about security

Another significant aspect to consider in the pool of a country house is security. It is important especially, when it comes to a house with children. We must remember that in the pool of a country house there will not be a lifeguard doing surveillance work. So, we must take precautions to avoid shocks.

Issues such as placing protective barriers where there are slopes or to prevent fall to the deepest parts of the pool will guarantee the safety of the smallest of the house.

In general, it is necessary to be careful when choosing materials, betting on non-slip surfaces for the pavement, thus avoiding falls. Also think about elements that are not metallic in the areas most exposed to the sun to prevent burns, adapt the access stairs to the pool, etc.

Accessories for the pool

We must not forget that the pools need daily cleaning and maintenance. Although it does not involve a large workload, it is essential to plan well and be very consistent. This is so that the pool always looks like the first day and the bathroom is always a pleasant experience.

Think of well-organized storage spaces for cleaning products and systems. Choose suitable materials and easily cleanable surfaces for the interior and the surroundings of the pool. Choose accessories such as grilles or stairs from the aesthetic point of view but without forgetting a point. From a practical point of view, these will be issues that will help the task of daily maintenance.

Modern pool for your country house

At the time of choosing the style of the pool, we can open a vast range of possibilities. These possibilities go beyond mimicking the country environment in which the pool is built.

Betting on a single pool, with pure lines and modern decoration elements is a guarantee of success. This is because it will establish a very interesting dialogue with the rustic style that surrounds it, through which all the elements will come to a standstill.

Swimming pools at different levels

We can play with zones at different levels inside the pool and also in the surrounding area. This type of design allows you to enjoy the bathroom experience in different ways (looking for experiences closer to the spa , for example).

We also use this type of level games and different materialities when we want to reserve certain areas for children. For example, multiplying the possibilities of the pool.

Infinity pools

The well-known infinity pool has become very fashionable in the last years. The impressive examples of swimming pools of this type that have been built in popular hotels. These hotels being in the coolest cities have filled the covers of architecture and design magazines. They have also appeared on blogs around the world.

If conditions allow us to consider the construction of a pool of this type, why not dare with these ‘contemplative’ pools? Examples include topographic conditions of the surroundings of the country house and the rest of the situations that we have been enumerating.

Natural Pools

We also have to consider another pool option that is growing with great force despite being still a minority in our country. It is called ecological pools and is a type of pool that does not use chemicals but is regenerated and purified by the action of plants.

There are still people very reluctant to install these pools. This is because there are many prejudices on its purification system (fear of insect proliferation, for example). The truth is that its result is fantastic. The plants do their work during all seasons, keeping the water clean all year. This self-cleaning also means a decrease in the maintenance work of the pool.

This is more like a garden maintenance job. They are ideal for people who are allergic or sensitive to chemical products. Also for those who want to bet on options that are more respectful with the environment, since ecological pools are much more sustainable by consuming less energy and less water.

A living area next to the pool

Taking care of the design of the pool and its immediate surroundings don’t alone add up to the enjoyment. If we want to enjoy the pool space of our country house, it is important that we take care of the elements present in the rest of the garden areas.

Organize well the pool area to dry and take the sun. Put other furniture and decoration elements in areas further away from the pool. More linked to the garden are issues that allow us to enjoy an authentic summer terrace in our country house.


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